Photography has been a family hobby for as long as I can remember.

At 8 years old I purchased my first SLR camera, the Olympus Pen. A 35

mm half-frame camera that takes 2 pictures per frame, meaning a 36 

exposure roll of film produced 72 prints.  My dad was an avid

photographer throughout the years and produced hundreds of silent

16mm home movies.  One of my fondest memories was him filming

the landing on the moon. His enthusiasm with photography got my oldest brother interested and by the time I was developed (no pun intended), we had a make-shift darkroom in our upstairs bathroom.

As a senior in high school, I was on the yearbook staff and considered going professional. Unfortunately, my eyesight took a turn for the worst and I had to refocus on a new career.  Surprisingly, at 26 years old, I joined the U.S. Navy and completed 20 honorable years as a Sonar Technician for Submarines. While I was in the Navy, Trippler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii was able to correct my vision through Lasik Eye Surgery.  What a blessing that was!


The 2018 Christmas season introduced me to flying unmanned aircraft.  I liked it so much I bought drones for my grand-kids; the smaller less restrictive models of course.  Not knowing anything about drones and how restrictive they are in relation to air space, I wanted to learn more and registered for the Part 107 Certification course which I completed in less than 90 days.  Having a Part 107 Certification opens a plethora of opportunities and allows you to fly commercially.


I’m not ready for retirement nor do I want to “retire” retire, so why not do something I enjoy and take it into retirement. Realizing the quality of what drones can do and the benefits of drone photography in the market place, I decided to start Sky Creations, LLC, offering drone photography and video production. The applications of drones in photography are endless from promotional videos, aerial photography, to thermal analysis.  Give me a shout!  

Sky Creations, LLC

at your service!

Sky Creations, LLC

Matt Reinke


Tulsa, Oklahoma

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