I will provide the best service possible.  As the Remote Pilot In Charge, I reserve the right at any time to place the drone flight on hold due to what I believe are hazardous or unsafe flying conditions.  Examples include but are not limited to weather, overhead interference, trees, and/or uninvolved personnel in the flight area.  It is my responsibility to ensure that the weather is conducive to the flight mission as well as other factors that may impact the mission.  Rest assured, I WILL NOT cancel or postpone a flight precariously for unwarranted reasons and will provide an explanation at the time of interruption.  At the time of flight consideration, this information should be discussed.


Flying drones for your business requires a 14 CFR Part 107 certification which I have.  Since the popularity of drones escalated and increased air traffic, strict restrictions have been incorporated into flying drones.  In some cases, a waiver may be required to fly outside these established rules.  Be aware, it may take up to 90 days to receive a waiver (for an additional fee); so please plan accordingly.


If you are hiring Sky Creations, LLC for inspection purposes, I will provide you with video data only and DO NOT proclaim, imply, or otherwise state the soundness, reliability, or structural integrity of the given subject.  What I say is a matter of my personal opinion.  I will provide a visual representation of contracted subjects for your use and how you choose to have it evaluated is strictly your business.  I will gladly work with a subject matter expert of your choice to get the desired information.  All contracts have been professionally drafted by DroneLaw.Pro.

PART 107



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