Video Editing

The choice is yours; either contract for live viewing, print / digital photographs, a super cool video of your project or any combination  of the above; I'll work with you to get the product you want.  Remember, time is money and you'll get what you paid for.

Pricing starts at $125/hr

Additional Charges May Apply

Roof / Property Exams

As we get into the storm season and recover from COVID-19, I am offering discounted services to 1st responders and public servants.

 Rigged with a thermal camera, I can detect areas lacking adequate insulation plus do interior exams that would help you take corrective action in making your home more energy efficient.

Negotiated by Contract Agreement

Thermal Analysis

Aerial Photography

In recent years the use of drones has become increasingly popular.  So popular in fact, the FAA had to get involved to protect the airspace above us.  As a Certified Part 107 Remote Pilot, I can legally work for you if you're interested in selling your house, checking livestock, agricultural fields, roof top damage/repair etc.  Realtors have started using drones to help advertise listings.  If you're selling your home yourself, let me help you with that 3rd dimension to your ad.  If you have a business that needs a kick with your services, let's work together demonstrate it through a video. 

Pricing starts at $75

Additional Charges May Apply

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